God’s way of saving us

God’s way of saving us

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Today when I went to intercede for God’s mercy, I began to plead for those who have been caught up with Satan and the dark side. These are also God’s children, the disobedient, the prodigals. How much God hurts for these and the path they are on. Most of them don’t even know they are running in a big trap, a huge lie..

I got a picture in my thoughts before me of people trying to reach God. Because of God’s holiness they couldn’t get too close to Him.As it is written, those who God loves He corrects, and scorches every son who He receives. On our own, we just can’t reach Him. There is always something that either weights us down, or distracts us, or catches our interest.

I could see a magnificent light, representing God and a hand trying to get close to Him. As the hand stretched closer, I could see bruises and wounds starting to appear on the hand. This looked similar to the trials and sufferings that many of God’s people are going through. But the hand was getting closer. I imagined how hard it is to come closer to God.

AT that point I pictured Christ. How His perfect and obedient life caused Him to BE close to God all the time. I could see Him standing in front of God, taking ALL the sins upon himself and in that moment just being crushed completely. He offered Himself up totally to God, to receive all the condemnation and accusations of our sins. He was totally demolished, out of pure compassion and love for souls. He did not keep anything back and gave Himself completely as an atonement for our sins.

In that moment, as Jesus was lying on the ground completely bathed in His own blood and flesh, I saw the Father stoop down and embrace His Son. Lifting up the lifeless body of His son as He put His forehead to that of Jesus and said: ‘My Son, I will pardon their sins, that I Promise to You’.

Then I saw a soul who was heavily in the occult, and then the Father reached out to him. (I could see His hand, which twice the size of my own and glowing with a powerful light). The man got startled and began to cast whatever spell and object and thing he could, but it couldn’t reach God. It just disappeared as it came close to God. Ofcourse none of those things can be near Him. It looked like this man was trapped in a corner (like a scared child in a corner not knowing what to do) as the hand of God reached closer.

It was at this point that God’s hand reached behind the man’s back and drew him closer to God. Now this was amazing, God drew him closer. The man felt an unspeakable peace as God’s hand touched his back. I could see that God was embracing this man the same way as He did with the body of Jesus. The same love was pouring out from God to this same man.

I knew that this soul was saved and had given his life to God right then and there. This is the power of intercession, I got this impression. As we intercede for people, we only have to offer up the life of Jesus, His obedience, His love for souls and His complete and perfect obedient life to God. For that is sufficient. We can believe that God can do what He promised: Mercy.

So please be encouraged in your prayers.

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