I Am Truly Your Father

I Am Truly Your Father

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Still Small Voice Channel – Published on 24 October 2015

How can one look into the face of a newborn and think I am not tender? I have created all things for your enjoyment, because all these things embody and reflect who I Am. The world is absolutely loaded with who I am. So shall I stiff arm the most beautiful of all My creation, children, men and women? These exquisite creatures fashioned after My very own self, shall I hold them back behind a wall of fire seeming great and terrible??? Or shall I embrace them as Abba Father? He began weeping, “These are My children Clare, I long to embrace them, I ache with love for my children, Oh how I want to embrace them. But they have this image of Me as the great and terrible God. Do you know who I am great and terrible to? That’s right you guessed it, Satan.



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