Unconditional Trust in Me

Unconditional Trust in Me

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Still Small Voice Channel – Published on 20 October 2015

I came into worship very torn up inside…you’re going to be homeless vs. Jesus, I trust in You. Back and forth. The Lord embraced me tightly and held me to His heart, rocking me back and forth. I looked up at Him and tears were rolling down His cheeks. “You just don’t know how much I love you, you just don’t have any idea.”

Come, come to Me. Come rest in My Heart, drop what you’re doing and come rest in Me. I have made a dwelling for you in My Heart, it is called Heaven, yet even while you are still pilgrims on the Earth, I have an antechamber, beautifully adorned with gardens of spices and clear running waters, culminating in crystal mirrored lakes.

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