The King of Glory

The King of Glory

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Today in worship I was just focussing on the Lord and then I saw a bee. It was sitting on the tip of my finger and then I saw a hand reach out from the right of my hand and it hold my hand. The hand had a bright gold-like countenance. And I turned to see the Lord in glory, a bright light surrounded Him. And as the song ‘you are holy’ of CFNI was playing, I saw Him walking in a great palace with His robe all beautiful and glorious. Then He sat down on His throne and when the angels were singing ‘You are Holy’ the whole palace, heaven and earth shook. It was a massive sound and it resonated through all creation. And then He looked at me and waved me to come to the front. It was as if I had rags on, with cuts, wrinkles and blemishes. I went forward and He came down from His throne. As He touched me my clothes were made whole, white and glorious. It was so radiant white. And I myself began to emit light as well.

Then I saw a key, and it was in my hands. As I put it in a door and turned, the door disappeared and the place that I went into was all light. I saw glimpses of laying hands on someone and healing coming forth, and I saw the same, but then for peace to fall on people the hands were laid upon.

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