My name is Shahin, a persian believer in the Lord of Glory. I have set this site up after some confirmations from the Lord to do so. My intention with this website is to share with all of the visitors what has helped me in my relationship with God. So please have a look around, ask for your own confirmations as you read, listen or view content. Remember, it is about YOUR relationship with the Creator of all, who is also your Father. You are saved based on your own walk with God, not based on my walk. I can assist you in it, but you have to walk it. Aside from that I am happy to assist any way I can.

Here is how I got to meet Jesus.

While pursuing many endeavours to become rich, have a succesful business, and just being made, I was searching for answers. I got to know some teachings on ‘your wish is your command’ and other related new-age teachings. These tell you to believe what you want, to visualise it, to see your self having it and doing it, and all you ever wish will come on your way. Ofcourse this sounds perfect! So I was well on my way to learn these things. And we came pretty close. But it was always the last part of every deal that just didn’t workout.

And then one of my acquaintances invited me to come to a gathering where an Apostle from Nigeria would talk and pray for people. And that sicknesses would heal when he prayed. Cool! I sure want to see that. When I attended and the man was talking and praying for others, I thought: Would be amazing if he could pray for my left eye (which has a progressing misformation of the cornea: Keratoconus). Right at that time, he said: someone in this room has something with his eye, step forward. I looked left, right.. anxiously stood up and went up front. So he did that, prayed something in the name of Jesus and cast out a spirit or whatever. But I didn’t see any difference. I actually said it it was difference, so that he wouldn’t lose his face in front of all the people.

Some days and weeks past and still I saw no difference. I also was considering a surgery on my eye, which was only capable to ‘stop’ the deterioration of the cornea. It was not even a certainty it would work, the surgery could also worsen it. When I arrived at hospital for a last check, my doctor said something strange. She told me that the state of my left eye was the same as half a year ago. As such, the surgeory was not planned and I was told to come back 6 months later. I got the same answer then. So it truly was Jesus who healed me. I could attribute it to the man who prayed.. but I didn’t think people could do such things.

At that time I also had lost most of the things I was eagerly pursuing. I wanted a successful company, a beautiful house, money, fame, this and that. But it all was gone.. As if I had fallen in a dry desert with nothing to desire for. It was really at that time that the Lord Jesus came and filled me up, day after day, reading after reading. I learned about the love with which we are loved, the price that was payed for us, the overwhelming love that the Lord Jesus has for us.

No other God would allow His only loved, begotten Son to come to earth with such humility as to put on himself the countenance of a lowly and poor human. And this only for the purpose of dying instead of someone who is guilty and deserves to die. What almighty powerful all knowing Judge would do that? Coming down in love, experiencing our struggles, our temptations, being mocked, scolded, beaten for no reason. And above all, accepting to willingly lie down his life for the sake of all. Since, I have truly been amazed by Jesus.