Always there

Always there

As I stepped into the car I had this question, and I wanted the Lord to speak to me about it. So I put up this song ‘speak to me‘, and as it was playing I was just drinking in His presence. This song is so touching and just moves me when it plays, it sends me right into the heart of the Lord.

While the song was playing I was thinking where are you Jesus
The song that was playing was ‘Fall Afresh‘ from Kari Jobe. I was driving towards church, I could not sense or feel it, but as I put my hand on the right passenger seat I could imagine that the Lord put his hand on my hand. It was not that I felt His hand on my hand but I could imagine it. There was this knowing that his hand was on my hand.

I had asked the Lord to help me recognize his presence, so here it was as I stepped into the car.

And then it dawned on me that His love is not measured by our circumstances, how we feel, how we think, how we believe.. No His love is eternal, always, unending, infinite, unconditional.

I could especially feel that best when the song let it rain was playing. At the picture of me standing arms open, eyes closed, the rain looked like tiny, very thin beams of light. A small little rose heart appeared and dissapeared whenever any of these beams landed on my skin.

You may be feeling down or you may be feeling as if the Lord has neglected you, or that He has abandoned you, or He is far away, but as you read this I hope that you see that He is always there.

He’s always at your side seeing what you feel and what you go through, what you have done. As long as we care to sit down and meet him face-to-face, He will come through for us, clean us up and make us ready to go out again. What’s important is our hearts attitude. It is then when we can come with a repentant heart and be fixed. He can mend any broken heart, any dissappointment, any lie, any doubt He can take away, and fill you until overflowing.

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  1. Amen.. He truly is there and wants us to seek Him out first.. THEN, He makes Himself be found by us.. but He often wants to wait for us to make the first move to seek Him out first . I think He does this so that He -#1 does not want us to feel He is “pushing Himself” on us, #2- It makes Him feel wanted and loved that we would also pursue Him instead of Him having to ever make that first move, and #3- It gets us off our complacency and spiritual laziness.
    Many times I will be in church .. or somewhere thinking of Him and I will feel Him (spiritually.. not physically) put His hand on mine.. or stroke the side of my face. Two times in church I actually Literally felt His definite presence there.. Once behind me and another person getting prayed for. I felt someone standing behind me during the prayer but when I turned no one was visibally there. And The second time I felt His definite presence standing in the very back of the line in church as everyone was greeting the pastor on their way out after the service. He was in the B A C K of the line, which is just like Him as He is so humble and though He is the King of all Kings in all Creation, our Lord will always allow others to go in front of Him. I told my pastor about this.. that I felt Him there, and my pastor (God bless him) truly had the faith that I was telling the truth and he acknowledged the Lord surely had to be there.. and he also commented, ‘that would be just like Jesus to be in the back of the line”. It reminds me of when Jesus was getting baptized by John the Baptist thousands of years ago.. and how He waited His turn in lie getting baptised .. how humble our Lord is! 🙂

  2. oops.. my last line of my comment was intended to read… “how He waited His turn in LINE getting baptized…” (I accidentally typed in ‘in lie” instead of “in line”.)

    • Wowie, thanks for these pointers Lisa. They sure give me a better perspective. I will keep trying until I finally can break this habit of sleeping or snoozing on my quiet time with Him before work.

      I just am awestruck at the humbleness of Jesus. my God.. and King… Truly He is worth every second of our time. God bless you dear Lisa. You are a soul most precious to Jesus.

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