Endless Grace – Ever Loving Heart

Endless Grace – Ever Loving Heart

‘Steady as she goes dear Shahin, steady as she goes. You have been hit by major oppositions the last weeks. Thankyou for not giving in and pressing on. You are truly My bride, in My sufferings, and in My reign. I have said it before, My bride must resemble Me. In charity, but also in enduring through sufferings.’

Oh sweet lover of my soul, where would I be without Your love and grace. I need more grace Lord, I still am not totally surrendered to Your promtings to reach out.

‘But you are cooperating. It may not seem much to you, but you have been making amazing progress. You do not see the effects on those who you reach out to. Remember to always go for loving them, not for seeing results. Prayer fails, prophecies fail, faith may be too frail, but love never fails. They will never forget that moment when all of a sudden someone came and gave them a post-it with encouraging words on it. My Spirit moves in their hearts, a certain hunger and thirst is created in their souls.’

Lord that day when I felt to thank the bus driver for his commitment to his job, what was I feeling? I almost started to cry.

‘It was exactly as you thought, those were My thoughts. Souls are desperate for authentic true love. This world is a dry desert, unfruitful, a barren wasteland. If it were not for the graces from heaven, the Love of the Father raining down on the earth, there would not be anything left of it. When I said that the harvest is plenty and ready, I really did mean it. A soul requires great care, so reaching out under the guidance of My Spirit alone will yield the fruits. Abide in Me and you will yield plenty fruits, for without Me you can do nothing.’

I have certainly felt and experienced that. Even on the piano Lord I have no clue what to press, but then as I start pressing keys, I feel Your Spirit moving me, teaching me, playing with me really on the piano as a little child would.

‘That is exactly what I also told through Clare dear. It should also be fun as you explore with Me. Together we are making melodies that flow from your heart and My heart. Together We are drawing from the unending wells of living waters to feed this thirsty and dying world. Follow Me beloved, follow Me. There are so many things I am planning to do through you, as log as you pbey thr promptings of Holy Spirit and move accordingly.’

‘Don’t let discouragements take root dear one. Come to Me immediately and ask Me to remove it from your heart. I will heal you, restore you, and equip you with more graces to continue. Never stop when you hit the brick wall. Come to Me and I will break through it for you. Be patient, be faithful, always praying, always caring, always vigilant to what is happening around you, who is saying what. They may be giving hints of opportunities.’

‘And may I say, thankyou for not giving up on the group. Persevere honey, and I will give you the victory over this spirit of division and distraction. This period is trying your faithfulness. If you pass, doors will open in the ministry to the young adults. It is not easy, but whom I have called, him will I anoint and equip. It is not in their ability, but in my favor, my blessing, my anointing. It is by my spirit alone.’

‘This is also for all My brides. Have I called you to do a certain task? Be sure that I will equip you with all the things you need. Be they materials, gifts, talents, anointings, faith. Seek Me, until you find Me. Seek the Provider, not the provision. Seek the Giver, not the gift. Seek the Comforter, not the comfort. Seek the Lover, not the love. Because these flow naturally from Me, you will automarically receive what you need.’

‘I love you all with an endless Love. I proved it to you all on the cross. I allowed nothing to stop Me from telling you how much I love you. Please don’t run from Me. That is the enemy’s tactics, to make you run from Me, to cause Me even more grief. His plan is to steal you away from Me. He will not succeed unless you walk away willingly from Me. They want to draw you so far away from me that you will fall in sin, and be ashamed to face Me, so you would then draw even further away. Please break this cycle of lies, come to Me and see that I will forgive you immediately. I am the Father of the progidal. Ready to forgive as you come to Me, to cloath you with my love and clean your heart and mind, to make you ready again. I stand near you watching. Sometimes grieving over the lies that you are being fed, knowing that you may fall for the lies and draw away.’

‘Know the tactics of your enemy My beloved ones. Come to me immediately, and I will remove the arrows of the enemy from your heart. Give you a new perspective, new faith, new boldness, new courage. Come and see.’

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  1. Amen, I love what Jesus said, ‘Seek the Provider, not the provision; seek the Giver, not the gift…..” Amen, we in Christianity need to hear this, because were’ always seeking the gifts, the victories, the loaves and fishes., etc.. but what about seeking Jesus for Himself! Amen.. ! I love hearing our Lord’s messages to you..
    (Jesus, thanks so much for reaching out to all of us 🙂
    love, your work in progress, lisa

    • Yeaa I agreee. I sure had to put some checks in my thinking. I believe it is that we always complain because of our focus on the things from God.. instead of putting our focus on Him. This is becoming more and more of an eye opener for me. Especially also what Jesus is sharing to us through Clare and the Still Small Voice channel.

      God is also really speaking through you to me Lisa. Your previous comment was a really motivating one. Thankyou! I hope everything is going well with you. At work and at hole too

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