Enforcements, Trust, Go For It

Enforcements, Trust, Go For It

This was a conversation between the Lord and I, on 13 October 2015. I was reading it and decided to share it with you all. God bless.



Lord thank you for the confirmations and the verses. It is such an easy task to do that many of us do not see the power in it. You said to humble yourselves as a little child. Just so easy to open the book prayerfully and accept it.

‘My dove it is the grace given to you that you accept it. Other have a hard time because they are so much indoctrinated by the religious leaders.’

Thank you Lord for providing for us all. How I longed to be with You just as today.

‘Yes My love I have been waiting for you as well. It is so good to see you again in my bosom. Though I was not far from you.’

Yes, Lord I tried to keep a conscious thought of you always inhabiting me and being very close to me. That I learned from you through Clare.

‘You have done well my love, but be not afraid to step out. As I am leading you, step out in faith and you will see that I reward your obedience with blessings, healings and miracles.’

Lord is it to the measure of my faith? Or to the measure of the faith of the other one?

‘It is your faith my love. Otherwise how could non-believers be made whole if they have no faith?’

That is a good point Lord. Lord help me in stepping out. I already have made so much progress with Your help. The Holy Spirit is empowering me as you said. It is so beautiful to see. Others would maybe wipe it off as a commitment.

‘Well it is a commitment m love. You commit yourself to serving me, and the Spirit is giving you the power and grace to step out. You are so precious to me. My bride who is waiting for me, I long for her. How I can’t wait to embrace her for the first time in her glorified body. And to see her expression of all the things I have prepared for her. The celestial wedding is going to be so beautiful. There will be harpers, singers, angels dancing and praising, flowers clapping their hands, trees singing, the oceans giving glory and praise. All to the glory of the Father. You will see it for yourself. Please guard your heart against the attacks of the enemy against the faith.’

Lord I trust on Your protection. Please keep me.

‘As long as you will hearken to me I can protect you. But if you on your own free will walk away from me, I cannot force you.’

Lord I don’t know what is going to happen in Iran, but as I get a lot of things from you in the morning from Daniel, I am starting to make a picture in my mind of what is going on.

‘Do not do that my love, it will only make you worried and anxious. I will teach you what you must do, trust Me.’

I will Lord. You know my weaknesses and how I sometimes shut my month instead of talking. But I learned from the scripture to sometimes just keep quite.

That is a good thing my love, but there are also times that I require you to speak. You are doing a great job in following the Spirit. Keep on pushing towards the mark My love.

Yes I will Lord, but then reliant on Your mercy.

‘I will extend to you mercy, just provide mercy to others and I will provide for you. Just as in your dream with your earthly father, He will see the difference between you and the religious, he will see Me in you.’

Wow Thank You Lord for the encouragement. I always feel empowered when I follow Your Spirit, it feels releasing and free when I do what You lead me to. That is right my Love, it is the power of the spirit and the joy of obedience that follows.

‘That is when you feel empowerment instead of shame. It is what the demons want you to think, that you will be ashamed if you do what I ask of you, but instead you are empowered and experience the joy of obedience. See that is the lie of the enemy. I always reward obedience.’

Wow thank you Lord, I did not know that. I thought we were to carry our shame.

‘The shame that brings joy, is not shame, but obedience. I carried all the shame on me when I went to the cross, and nailed your sins, shame and weaknesses to the cross. All of these are died off. So all that is left is an empty space ready to be filled with strength and power and joy and love.’

It is such a nice feeling Lord. To know that our Lord and Savior is so gentle and rewarding.

‘Yes the demons are quick in stealing your peace and joy. They cannot stand my affection and love towards you all My brides. And my mercy and compassion on the unsaved, the hurting, the lost and the religiously indoctrinated meek, poor, widows and children.’

Sorry Lord for being distracted.

‘Welcome back My love. I was waiting.’

Sorry it is so easy to be distracted.

Yes indeed it is My love. Fix your eyes and ears on Me, and you will not be distracted. Deflect the attacks of the enemy with faith in Me, and you will do fine. Your faith in Me is your strongest weapon against any attack. As I told you yesterday through Clare, “I trust in You Jesus” is the killer blow to the attacks of the enemy.’

Thank you Lord For the empowerment.

‘Yes My dove. You also feel the tiredness of the world. Just hang in there, and lean on Me until I come and retrieve you from the world and we will be together for all eternity.’

ThankYou Lord, it is so amazing to know that you are the rewarder of those that wait for You. I will wait here on this earth until you come. Though I watch daily, I know you will come and surprise me. So lead me Lord until we meet and be together for all eternity.

‘That is my heart’s desire my love, just a little while and you will see me. For I have went to prepare a place for you in my Father’s mansion. And I will come quickly to show it all to you. My blessings are upon you my dove, go and be my ambassador.’

I will Lord thank you so much.

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  1. This is very encouraging from our Lord Jesus..

    I’m going to ask the Lord in my prayer time tonight or tomorrow morning what He may have to further say on us persevering, enduring and working only for Him until He returns (or we die first.. whichever is meant to happen first!)

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