Even if I sleep, You watch over me

Even if I sleep, You watch over me

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Thank the Lord that after 6 months I was able to finally ‘revive’ my blog again. My service provider had an issue that caused the whole service to be terminated. So I had been going through backups, exports, databases, installations.. you name it.

But thank God the Lord helped me to finally find time and get at it. I wanted to share a story that happened today. It was funny really.

Today as I woke up, I was immediately getting ready to bring the car over to the garage for service. I didn’t see my dad at home, so I assumed he was out running errands. I had 15 minutes left to get to the garage, which was an 8-minute drive. As I was going to the door, I noticed the car keys were gone. Checking out of the window I saw the car was also gone. Ohoh… I hadn’t told dad that I had to bring the car for service and he must have thought it’s weekend so let me take Shahin’s car for the little errand.

“No problem, I just call him as I drive to the garage and tell him to come meet me there with the car”, I thought. I grabbed the car keys of mom, and went out. I had a ‘sure’ thought to get back and at least pick up the spare key of my own car.

I started to drive towards the garage, calling dad on the road. He did not answer his phone… I was starting to get a little nervous. “What do I do? Do I call the garage and cancel? I only have 5 minutes left…”. I was pondering these things and going and thinking “whyyyyyyyy”…… yet I also had a weird sense of peace..? You know that feeling that you are in DIRE straights but still know and have faith that it will be alright? Oke, I admit, missing an appointment for regular service for the car is not really a DIRE situation, but still. You know, we tend to get caught up in our toils.


I suddenly had a strong ‘thought’ in the sense of ‘dad is gone for groceries at your old workplace‘ (the Albert Heijn supermarket). “Are you kidding? In this situation? I should go check at the supermarket?” But I went anyway. I even entered in the parking lot and started to drive up the floors. I came to a point that I thought “This is useless, just get back to the garage and explain, or call them atleast.” I had this thought again ‘just one more floor, you will see‘. It didn’t even take 2 seconds… I went up that last floor and sure enough THERE IT WAS! MY CAR! You should’ve seen my face hahaha.

I parket my mom’s car, put the keys tucked under one of the wheels, jumped in my own car with the spare key and drove off to the garage. I got there 3 minutes late.


So that was the start of my day. I slept, yet God knew what was happening in the morning. He did not influence the decision making of my dad to leave the car for me. But He showed His great and personal love, and His SURE words of communication today to me. This God, this same God who told Jesus Christ all things before He came to earth, while He was on the earth, and now is seated in Heaven.. HE it is that is with us, when we receive His gift of salvation through Jesus Christ. We invite His Holy Spirit to live in us and we spend the time in close relationship to Him. He is our best friend, best planner, manager, provider, carer, and the most precious Spouse one could wish for all eternity.


I also had received a prayer alert because the still small voice channel on youtube was taken down!!! I could not believe it.. it was tragic.. But just as Jesus was with me in my mini-trial with my car, just as He had seen this coming, He has seen the channel’s disappearance coming too. So I will pray and ask Him to restore the channel, believing that He will.


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