Fill your heart with the right stuff

Fill your heart with the right stuff

Here I am Jesus.

‘Oh how beautiful you are to Me indeed. I cannot stop looking at you and being amazed by the beauty that is in you.’

Lord I am your handwork, so you get the glory for that haha.

‘Yea I am the man!’

Haha, you’re funny Lord.

‘Well you got your sense of humor back.’

So it really was burried under a pile of rubble from the past huh Lord?

‘Yes dear, there is still a lot of you in need to be digged up, cleaned and made shiny.’

I really felt the change today Lord, I had no idea that such strong influences could be left just by not giving someone the love they need. The Phileo love as they call it.

‘My love, I have made you. And as it is written, God is love. So if you are made out of love, you also need love to sustain you. Will you put diesel in your gasoline car? And what will happen? My people are being fed way too much diesel, while they should have received the fresh anointed gasoline to fix their issues.’

Yea it is so easy to fall in condemnation these days Lord.

‘Exactly, CERN is making progress. But I have assigned My angels over My people. There is no need for panick. All should stay focussed on what I have called them to do. Stay faithful with what you have.’

Yes will do Lord. But please grant me the grace of perseverance.

‘I have prepared the graces you need my Love. Trust Me. Trust Me. As you draw in worship to me, I impart them to your heart.’

I will Lord. Jesus, can I fall asleep in your arms? During worship?

‘You have the freedom to play with and worship me however you like.’

Lord thankyou for the great worship time. I feel as a changed person

‘So Do I my love’

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  1. I am so blessed by all your blog entries, Shahin.. God bless you and keep you.. Nothing on this earth can substitute our relationship with Jesus.. that connection we can have with Him through the Holy Spirit. It is sooo awesome that He really does love us as much as He does. I can’t figure it out because it’s not exactly like I’m any kind of “prize” that He should bother even looking at me, much less listen to me. Not even I would even bother if I were Him.. yet He doesn’t think like we do.

    • Thank you so much dear Lisa! It is indeed a mystery. I also can’t figure out why He loves us so much. We are so blessed to see that, and that it is being given to us so clearly so we can pass it on to others. I am so grateful for the Lord to use the things He gave me to bless you. It is His heart, so share all you want ? and remember, you are the perfect fit in His heart. no one can take your place in there.

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