Focus and Receive Jesus every day

Focus and Receive Jesus every day

Lord forgive me for always running away from you for some reason. It’s like I don’t want to speak with you. It is worrying with me. I know that your words always speak peace and encouragement to my heart. But there is this tendency to run away, I don’t understand why.

“It is the enemy who wants to rob you away from the sweet fellowship I could have with you. This is a global thing, the enemy comes at your time of prayer. They don’t want you to receive any words from Me. Because they know if you were to commune with Me each day, they would be in serious trouble. So they send legions of distractions, condemnation, false guilt, just to cripple My people.”

“My words are peace, healing, delivering, directional, motivating. You know that.”

Yes Lord I know and I have allowed myself to be distracted way too much, or to sleep too much in the mornings.

“Do not be worried about your health. You cannot add to your days by worrying about it. But coming to Me, dancing with Me in My love for you, communicating with Me, allowing me to wash you clean from the filth of this world, that is what will add to your days, or rather: prevent pre-mature death. What I mean by that, is that it will prevent you from dying before it is your time.”

“And your eye lids, leave them to Me. I will heal and restore it as you spend more time in My presence. Come bathe in My love for you, allow me to wash away all distractions from your mind. Just like now, I have drawn you into My reality. Where distracting thoughts remain outside.”

Is this because of my focus problems Lord?

“Every soul is different Shahin. For you, this works well. You need deep focus. Others are able to do much at the same time, process much at the same time. But I have chosen your thought patterns for Myself. I have set you apart to enjoy your company and attention. For I know when you focus on something, it is very difficult to pry you away from it haha.”

Yea that’s how I have been Lord. With Your grace I am doing a bit better, able to see what is important in some moments.

“You are improving, so we are on a journey together. Come and enjoy the road. Remember, I love you, I adore you. Remember how you felt when you had a crush on someone and all you wanted was their attention, even if it was a look at your direction. That is how I am to you and all my children.”

Lord, will you please allow me to feel that again? I want to be able to feel that way again with You. I seem to have lost much of my feelings.

“There has been a lot stolen from you. I have allowed most of these in order to get you to a certain direction. Remember that I use all for good. So even the vacancy of your feelings I am using to get you to your next leg of the journey.”

“ I know what you are thinking, about your job switch. I am asking you to trust Me. Trust Me with your whole life. Dedicate it all to Me, and I will direct your path, in every place you go. Just call on Me each day, to arrange your day to My will. And ask for the grace to be able to walk that road.”

“Did you see what happened yesterday when you said you would meet someone God wanted you to meet? You corrected your thoughts of ‘I’m going to meet someone I know’ in ‘i’m going to meet the person God wants me to meet’. I respected your trust in Me. I send you the person I wanted you to meet, and it was a friend of yours.”

“So you see beloved, all My plans for you are for the better and for good. Trust Me. Don’t be afraid. Don’t worry about hell. Rather be busy with actively following My voice and be lead by My Spirit in all things. Live by the Spirit and you will not satisfy the things of the flesh. Put your all in to My hands, dedicate your every desire, no matter what, to Me. And watch Me bring it to pass in My own way and in My perfect timing. Just look around you, where you are sitting. Your house. Did I not come through for you?”

Oh You came through alright. You did something that I still cannot fathom. You are good Lord You are gooood.

“Thankyou for thankfulness. It brings joy to My heart, and I will give you more to be thankful for. Come and rest My beloved. I am with you, and in you. Let me fix your every defect from within you. Receive Me daily, knowing I am at work in Your body and soul. My flesh and my blood are meat and drink indeed. Do you wonder why you are not becoming sick? Does it supprise you that you are free from the power of infirmity as you partake of My flesh and blood each day?”

Well when you put it that way, no It’s a natural effect of receiving You every day. Trusting in Jesus rather than pills.

“All My promises to you are found in you receiving Me daily. I love you. Beyond anything you could imagine.”

And I love you too Jesus

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  1. Real intimacy. Used to have it … distracted.
    Thank you for sharing this. It really resonated with me. Alerts me to the numerous distractions I face and the little things I think I need to converse … space, silence etc . Will help but not necessary.
    Thank you again. Leaving my computer and going to talk to my Lord. 💖🙏🏼

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