I inhabit the Praise of My People

I inhabit the Praise of My People

Today from morning I spent a good time in worship after hearing the message from still small voice channel, that the Lord really delights and longs for our worship.

Now mind you, during this time a lot of distracting thoughts came up. ALOT haha. But by His grace and my stubbornness not to engage those thoughts I could stay in that place of worship. When the distracting thoughts increase, it is probably because it is really bringing joy to the Lord, so whenever you find yourself in worship and completely distracted, do all you can to get back right in the song and worship again. You can always ask for extra help from the Lord Jesus too.

And I strongly had the feeling the Lord wanted to speak to me as well, so against all tempting distractions I was able to come and sit down and type. Lord I am here, speak to me Lord. Your words bring me peace.

‘And Your worship brings Me joy! Thank you for the sweet refreshing moments you spent with me this morning.’

I had the impression that I saw tears streaming down His cheeks, tears of gratitute and adoration.

‘To find a soul that really worships in spirit and truth brings Me much comfort. When I go over the world and I see all the hurt, all the evil, all the illness and sins, I suffer greatly. My beautiful creation is suffering because of sin, I cannot bear this pain. I need the refreshment from My brides. Please Shahin sanctify and set apart time for Me, I need your every moment of worship. I need every one of my brides’ worship. They bring me peace, restoration, healing, comfort, love. ‘

Lord forgive me for having allowed all these distractions and worldly occupations rob so much of our sweet time together. Please Lord help to set time apart, I need Your help Lord.

‘That is a request I will answer, for My own name’s sake and for My own praise, I will help you to do this. We both need it. My beautiful children, I came to give Myself to you all. I long for your every moment of adoration, praise and thanksgiving. It brings me much love, peace, and consolation. Stand with Me in My sufferings and comfort Me with your love. I need you. Don’t run from Me, I gave all I had just to be with you and have you with Me here where I am. Why would you fear Me? Come, and let us dance together, explore together, play the piano together, make songs and art together.’

‘So come and play with Me’

Dear ones it is a real struggle and battle for our times and focus. When you set yourself up to worship God, you will be flooded with distractions. Even in writing this I got called, someone pressed the doorbel, constant messages on WhatsApp and what not… It is a real battle. Let us also fight the good fight of faith and worship.


I have also included below one of the teachings of Still Small Voice of the Lord inhabiting our praise:


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