I want to draw all men to Me

I want to draw all men to Me

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Yesterday night my head was aching a lot. It could have been because of my hay fever. But it was just too much. In the morning I set up worship songs and wanted to seek the Lord, just Him and Him alone.

The first song to come up was Speak to Me, from Kari Jobe. This song has touched my heart in such a special way, each time it plays it sends me right in to His heart.

So I had closed my eyes and pictured Him, His eyes, His smile. And I could see Him stretching His arm out to Me. He said: ‘Will you come with Me?’

I happily agreed and took His hands. It was like I was being translated/transported or something with Him somewhere. There was a large scene of clear blue sky, and a lot of green grass. I could see myself with long hair, pulled back, dressed in a long white dress. Jesus was there, wearing something that resembled a kingly armour, with solver colours and gems. As He embraced me and I embraced Him, there was a shock wave of glory and power and love that filled the whole place, and then the earth, and everything outside it. I believe when we are united with Him, that moment will shake all heaven and earth.

We went for a walk. I noticed we were walking near a beach, this place was very familiar to me. Then I remembered we had been here before during the night time there. < I noticed I hadn’t put that on the site. I will search it up and post it too >

Jesus replied: ‘Yes, we are here again. I have noticed you like this place.’

At that moment the same Giant whale fishy jumped out of the water near the far far section of the horizon. I guess that is his way of saying hi haha. Then I saw a white figure appear in the skies, the figure was in the form of a man. As it came floating closer I realised it is the Holy Spirit. Very funny, He was taller than Jesus. Who would have thought. He was all white, radiating love, peace and rest.

Behind us three I noticed someone coming up to us. This persons presence was different, but similar. The presence I felt was full of power, glory and majesty. As I am typing this I am getting goose bumps. I knew it is the Father. Surrounded by all three of the triunity. Each the same, yet different personalities. Different presences, yet the same. It was beautiful.

Next thing I knew it was night and we were around a campfire. I was laying on the right side of Jesus, cuddled up to Him, and the Holy Spirit and the Father were sitting on the other sides. There was a point when I stretched my hand in the flames. Interestingly, my hand did not burn or anything. It was a very calm, warm feeling. As if the flames were kissing my hand, being gentle with my fingers. I think in Heaven even the fire doesn’t burn you and the water doesn’t drown you. Because of the Love and Peace that is saturating the air.

Holy Spirit came near to me, and He held my hands. He said: ‘I am going to pour my presence out from your hands. I will use them for My Kingdom. See to it that your hands remain clean. That they do not touch anything evil, that you do not take bribes, that you do not use them for evil. But use them gently. Keep yourself from the evil in the world. Close your eyes from seeing evil, from seeing blood and destruction. Keep your ears from hearing gossip, and evil talking. Be pure as I am pure.’

Then the Father came near to me and told me: ‘I want you to worship Me wherever you are. In any place you go. Whether it is all over the world, whether you are at work, in the bus or the train, alone or with friends or family. I am going to fill the place with my presence and glory. I want to draw people to Me. I want to be their all, to love them freely, to help them. I need your cooperation. Make melodies of love, peace, and healing. I will fill it with my glory.’

I realise that God really wants people to see Him as He really is. As He really did love them beyond anything. That He really gave Himself for everyone, to draw all man and woman to Him. What a loving and wonderful God.

After this, I noticed there was a lion in sleeping posture next to Jesus. He got up and came close, as in His face was 20cm or something away from mine? I don’t know if you have ever had a lion staring at you at 20cm distance from your face hahaha. But Jesus said: ‘This is Simba, your pet’. Would you imagine that! He had a surprise for me. A big grown male lion, named after the young son of Mufasa, of the lion king movie. I haven’t yet seen dogs or cats as friendly as Simba. At this time I was hugging that giant head of his. He was even lying on his back and I was hugging this giant cat.

Man that is so cool. But I advice everyone to wait until heaven to do this and don’t go to the nearest zoo and ask this hahaha.


And if that was not enough, I went riding on His back as Simba was walking along the beach (stil at night time). You know how lions walk, they walk like kings, powerful, glorious. Suddenly a tree times bigger white cat like animal caught up to us. You know how big lions are right? How about a triple size? Jesus was sitting on her back.

He said: ‘Meet Merbel, this young lady has been waiting for you.’ She was a white tiger. Funny Jesus said ‘young lady’ because from the size of her, I would not think about ‘young’.

But that wasn’t all. I was still on Simba’s back, I noticed a white budgie came flying to me and landed on Simba’s neck mane. It was Bino, my budgie that died last year at easter. This ball of white was still as cute as when I got her. And along came all my other budgies, including the two I have now at my house. There was a total of 9 of them. All so lively and happy.

Later I was sitting on the sand with Jesus and the water was coming closer. That moment when the water hit my feet, I barely felt it. The water was like a piece of silk moving around my feet.

There are so many surprises in heaven. Old dreams that we let go of, because we wanted to do what other people said we should do. Lost pets or those that passed on. Don’t let past hurts, past experiences, shame or doubt keep you away from this infinite love of God that is available to you in Jesus. He opened the way so you can walk in. Will you trust God? And allow His love to open your heart?

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  1. I love reading what our Lord shares with you.. and these visitations to Heaven! A friend of mine who loves the Lord took in a dying praying mantis insect into her home last Fall.. she prayed over it and this beautiful creature revived.. and lived for a few months in her home. (she checked online what to feed it.. and how to give it water) Eventually this insect did die and my friend was grieved over it. Then the Lord gave her a “flash vision” of her praying mantis in a very vibrant surroundings.. with lots of green in the background that she knew to be in Heaven. She saw it turn it’s head and look right at her, then the vision ended. I believe she will one day see that praying mantis again in Heaven :-).
    P.S.. am praying for you and for myself as well, that both of us will heed what our Lord said about not allowing our hands to be a part of any selfishness or evil.. not to allow ourselves to take part in gossip or slander, etc, but to allow the Lord to subdue our self-nature .. that carnal part of us that has to die so that He can transform us into HIS purity .. from the Holy Spirit.
    God bless you., lisa

    • Wow such an amazing vision she had. Amen I also am starting to see the power of our love and care for God’s creation. We should pray and bless more often the things we come across. How about you Lisa? I think we have been given much more graces and authority and power than we use each day, at least what I use everyday ahah.

      What He shares with me is really nothin special on my part. He really has to drag me in hahaha. I still need to surrender and sit down more and more often with Him. All these businesses with the world… rob a lot of time. How do you do with your quiet times Lisa? I have been trying to do these in the night, but i was too tired. In the mornings, but i often find my self snoozing…
      Oh Lord have mercy.

      So nice to hear from you by the way! I hope all is well with you

      • Hi! wow, so sorry I havnt been online sooner as work is very overwhelming .. requiring me to work a lot longer than I’d choose to and that means not getting online as much at this time.. Thank God, He gave me the opportunity today 🙂
        I tend to mean well when I try to connect with Him at night, but end falling asleep as soon as I sit still at night.. even if kneeling, or sitting on a chair. So what I’ve been doing is setting my alarm for as early as I can in the mornings and making it a point not to waste time after I get out of work at night.. so as to wash up and get to bed early. Once the alarm goes off, I rest in His presence and imagine myself in His arms. I also rest in His arms at night upon going to sleep too, and at least thank Him for all He’s done for me.. and even for trials He permits that are only for my Highest spiritual good.
        .. Then after a period of resting in His presence, I sit up and begin journaling with Him and asking Him to give me anything He would like in reply to what He inspired me to write in my journal. and Wow,., does He ever plainly give me replies!.. more so at this time early in the morning than ever. Sometimes when I’m resting in His presence before sitting up to write in my journal with HIm, I slightly hear Him say, ‘rise” to me.. and I feel like Jarius’s daughter being raised from the dead 🙂
        The other day I heard Him say, “good morning Buttercup”., and I thought that was really cool.. (I was half asleep /half awake while hearing Him say that) I responded without realizing saying, “Goodmorning Lily!” .. then when I awoke 100% I realized that He (our Jesus) is often called “the Lily of the Valley”.. and I also happened to have on a buttercup yellow pajama top and realized His sense of humor with that :-)!
        I will pray for you .. both of us.. that we never neglect these precious times with our Lord. “Seek First the Kingdom of God (Jesus.. our King) and all these other things (things regarding our jobs, necessities, etc) will be added to us”

        • That is so cool of you. I am learning a lot from you dear thankyou for taking the time to write to me about it. I will do my best for Him. I will also pray for you that you may have more of these beautiful times with Him.

          Hahaha i love the buttercup and lily humor of you both. I can only imagine the fun in the morning. He is a beauty to behold truly. I hope and pray that you will be able to spend more time in His presence.

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