Mercy, Overflowing.. Grace, Underserving..

Mercy, Overflowing.. Grace, Underserving..

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My Jesus, thank You for Your favour on me. For Your presence around me Lord. Oh how I missed this time together Lord. Forgive me for being so caught up in the world. Lord here I am, please speak to me. I know that You speaking to me is not based on my performance, so I ask in faith Lord.

‘My love, I am always by your side. I see the longing in your heart, and I see your attempts which bring me joy. Oh how I longed for this moment. Thank you for coming to Me. Thank you for setting this time apart for Me.’

At this point I could see Him crying tears of joy. He embraced me and we were enjoying the moment.

‘My beautiful one, don’t focus on your imperfections, your lacks, your failures  Set your gaze on Me, on My love, dwell in My heart. It is there that you will be refreshed, burdens will be taken off you, yokes that others put on you will be broken, healing for your soul will flow. I don’t expect you to be perfect dear. Follow Me, bathe in My love.’

Thank You Jesus, really Thank You. What You are doing in my life is just amazing. You are beyond faithful, our trust in You is safe and secure. What You promise to do will not return until it has done Your will. Here I was referring to my uniting with my wife.

At this point the song “I Will Sing” from Kari Jobe was playing. And the Lyrics were exactly on point

I need to hear Your voice
Speaking to silence all my doubts
Your word won’t return empty
You will break through every darkness

Wow God You are good! Lord, please come with me, don’t take your presence from me, fill the places I’m going with Your peace and goodness. We need You Lord, my people need You. They need to taste Your goodness, they need a touch of Your tender heart and love. Break down the walls of depression Lord, the strongholds of religion. Please break them down, renew lives, renew encounters. Please come Lord, come and change the atmosphere.

‘Have faith My beloved. Trust Me. I am working behind the screens  My love is burning in the secret places of the hearts of men. Be My instrument of love. Show and share My love, My tenderness. My Spirit is in you. Trust Him. Follow Him. Partner with Me in prayer and askings. This is the hour of new beginings. The moment of change and reformation. Come all you who are weary and heavy laden. I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, it is light and easy. It is love, unconditional. It is faith, unconstrained. It is mercy, overflowing. It is grace, underserving.’

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