Mountain climbing with Jesus

Mountain climbing with Jesus

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Mountain climbing with Jesus

Today as I began my Lord’s Supper, I met with Padre Pio. He hugged me and said to me that the coming days will be turbulent. And the only way to get through them is to throw myself at the feet of Jesus, and in His arms. Only that way will I be able to get through.

In my dwelling time I saw myself going out of my body and moving upwards (through buildings) diagonally. Jesus came down to meet me halfway in the sky and embraced me with His always loving gaze. He shortly after took my hands and we rocket-speeded upwards, through the 3rd and 2nd heaven straight to His place for us.

It was a huge meadow, bit foggy (could have been my eyes). The fog started to clear and I saw a huge mountain in the far distance. Around it were trees in the distance, which looked like a forest. We were ‘encircled’ by the trees, and the meadow reached to this mountain. I think the mountain was a good few miles away from us (according to earthly measures that is). Jesus said: let’s go mountain climbing!

In a fast-forward view we were going up the steep slope of the mountain, Jesus in front and me following. I noticed that it was much easier to go up this mountain when I looked at Jesus’ back. He often turned to look at me and smile in a ‘proud-parent’ way like: “oh very good! See, you can do it. Just follow my steps.” Looking under me, I saw that I was stepping on heart-shaped stairs. No wonder it was becoming easier. I was just stepping up a staircase formed in the slope of the mountain. As I looked closer at Jesus’ feet, His steps were altering the slipery slopes to these heart-shaped plateaus. Stepping on each brought peace, healing (physical and spiritual) and relief.

There were also moments that I sidestepped these heartshaped plateaus, on the slippery slope, it was managable to climb there too, but it took a huge effort just to balance. But stepping back on those plateaus made it easier again.

At some point I stopped, and Jesus came back the 2-3 steps He was ahead to hugg me. He told me He was very pleased and that if I choose to stay here He would stay here with me. Even if I went back down the mountain stair case, He would follow my lead. But there was a suprise at the mountain top. I got the impression that there was a huge plateau coming up in a few ‘stair miles’, I had the impression of hearing music, dancing and singing too.

I looked to the side and saw my wife also starting to climb these stair with Jesus (yes I saw both of them, but was not weird or anything). She wasn’t so familiar with the heart-shaped plateaus yet, so she was altering between the plateaus and the slopes. I thought, gee she still has a  way to go get to the same level as I am. Then Jesus broke in and said: ‘no you are looking from the wrong perspective.’ He placed his fingers on my mind or eye-sight, as if He placed his fingers on a camera lens, and turned it horizontally to adjust the perspective. My wife was on the same ‘level’ climbing her own mountain. He said: you see, that is her process, and this is yours. Don’t be overly concerned. I am in control. Come, let’s continue (with delight and excitement in His eyes)

There is so much that I can relate in what I experienced. I’ll try to sum them up:

  • The mountain represented the climb of Holyness that we are busy with for some very long time now (in our perspective atleast). For Him it is like yesterday. Time to us is different that time to God.
  • Focussing on Jesus on this mountain will bring much more joy, comfort, ease, and hope that we are going up this mountain, with little effort. Whereas were we to focus on the path, the journey, the slope, we would get easily sidetrakced, discouraged, exhausted, grumpy, bumpy,
  • He is paving new ways, easy to recognize ways, specifically for each and every one of us. All by His love for us, marked by His love for us, recognizable by His love for us. The steps we take bring peace, comfort for our feet, healing for our body and soul. It was like stopping by a ‘healing station’ each time. The key is to follow His steps of love. To taste the steps we take, are they full of (true) peace, yay. Are they filled with exhausting and hugely demanding things, that make us overgrumpy, it may not be the best way to go.
  • He will never leave us. He will even follow us if we do it our own way (going back), but that means we are not going the way to the party. We’ll be enjoying His love for us if we stay on the same place. But the better way is to get going with Him, following behind Him, and not marching up before him (it’s slippery)
  • Others have their own paths to walk. We aren’t to compare. We could at best give an advice like: ‘step on the love plateaus, and wait until they are formed before you, don’t rush’

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