Did you know that God still speaks, and that He longs to speak into your life?

It is God’s desire to have a living relationship with every person He created, just like it was in the garden of Eden with Adam and Eve before the fall. And thanks to what Jesus did on the cross, we can have that kind of relationship again. There is an invitation to know God, to hear His voice, and hear about His plans for your life. 

And there are also moments that God chooses to speak through another person. Over the years the Lord has shown me His heart and desire to speak into the lives of His children. He lead me to speak out what He showed me regarding a person’s life, or a situation. Time and again what He showed me was exactly something that person was dealing with, or needing to hear. 

I have come to understand that He is faithful to speak as we prepare our hearts to listen. And I just want to invite you to allow Him to speak into your life. Do not be afraid of what you will hear, the Words that He speaks have always been comforting, loving, building up, delivering, and giving direction. 

So if you would like to receive a word from God for your life, through a little guy like me, then please don’t hold back and get in touch. It would be a privilege for me to be your ‘mail man’ between you and God.