Refining a soul like silver and gold

Refining a soul like silver and gold

In the morning I was celebrating the Lord’s Supper. Afterwards He became very vivid to me, His smile and the look in His eyes made my heart melt. I did have difficulties to go into first person view though, I saw this as third person. His gentle smile, welcoming eyes, that eager look, He is just so good. 

I felt inadequate in loving Him. So I asked for the grace to love Him as He deserves to be loved. Also I asked for intercession from Mary to the Father so that I would love Jesus as He deserved it. 

He took me up and set me on a slightly higher plateau, it was like a little girl that was being seated on the table so that she and her parent are at equal height. Very gorgeous to see. 

My Lord, what is on Your heart today.

You, and the way you seek to please My heart. I am so in love with you Shahin. They way you work through the day to see the morning come, eagerly trying your best to wake up early to meet Me. There are not many souls that devote their early time to Me like this beloved. So it is a treasure of great value to find a soul set on loving Me for who I Am, and not as much for what they can get from Me. 

I have to add here, I snoozed way too much today. Instead of 5:45, I woke up at 7:30… and that has been going on for some time now. Oh Lord have mercy.

Jesus continued: You will not be able to understand my graditude and affection on earth. You will need eternity in heaven to begin understanding it. Which is why I long for all to be saved, for them to be able to receive my love without limitations of this sinful world, communicating with eachother without the constant interruptions, the ever present (ruis) of the evil ones trying to obscur My words to My beloved creation. My heart is heavy with pain for those that keep rejecting Me, even until death. They hold Me accountable for the actions of others, and as such become bitter, cold-hearted, unable to distinguish love, truth, the way and the life. I Am the truth, the way, and the life. Yet satan succeeds in manipulating humans in doing his job. And that is to divide, to kill, steal, and destroy.

Oh that people would love Me, and set aside their opinions, their affections, their attachments, and to receive the words I am speaking to them. I long to set people free, but at times I refrain to free them, because I know that they are not ready to handle that freedom. So I keep them company in their distress, and prepare their hearts in those trials. Salvation, and the way of purifying a soul are delicate processes. Just like gold and silver are refined, so a soul must be refined. Gold and silver are just materials, molecules. But a human body is a whole ensamble of systems, organs, tissues, molecules. And that is just the body. No one has ever seen the (intricate?) and delicate interactions within a soul, the fabric of a spirit. Therefore the refinement of a soul is a much much more complicated and delictate process. It takes time, it takes resources, it takes resilliance.

Sometimes a soul must be put in fire to burn away impurities. Other times it must be plunged into water to make it stronger, and therefore more resillient to blows and damages. It is a continual process of fire and water. If there is no refining, then there is also no purification. If only comforts are soughts after, the purification stops, with the danger of impurities to creep in.

So be at peace my beloved. Your trials are gaining for you, a far more exceeding reward and glory. Why? The more purer you become, the better you reflect My glory. Just like a diamond. The clearer the diamond (least or no imperfections) is, the better will be the brilliance, the more perfectly it will pass on the light that shines through it.

Know that I am in love with you. Whatever I allow is for your perfect good. Maybe not in this life, but certainly in the life to come if you persevere in clinging to Me. Trust that I Am with you, I Am leading you as long as you will stop and listen for My directions. Your life is not wasted. Do not envy those in the world with their accomplishments and possessions, for that is not My standards to measure one’s life. My measure is love, charity, purity, obedience. That is why I said: by their fruits you will know them, for that is how it will be on the last day. The fruits of the lives of the people will testify for them. 

Do what you can, and leave the rest in my hands. Your prayers will change the situation most. And when you can help out, do so. Do good to those when it is in your power to do so. 

Here He is talking about a friend of mine. He is searching for a job because of the urgent need to pay rent and for water and electricity.

Thank you Jesus for sharing wisdom with us. May we all persevere in holding on to Jesus in our trials, so that we can be purified to fullest. Amen.

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