Running or Trusting

Running or Trusting

Lord here I am, if You deem me worthy to speak to, I am listening.

‘Stop thinking of Me as a boogyman. You make Me feel like I am not approachable.’

Lord I am sorry, I think I am the one becoming non approachable.

‘You focus too much on your faults My dear. Until the point that it is unbearable. I would that you came to Me earlier, so I can take these accusations off of you.’

Jesus why am I running away like this, or hiding, or thinking you are some kind of angry God sitting on the judgement seat?

‘My Love, your enemy never rests. If He can take your focus off of Me and on yourself, then he can cause massive damage, distract, destroy. Instead you should focus on My ability, My mercy, My sufficiency.’

‘My dear, the days ahead are going to be rough. If you neglect our time together you will not make it in one piece.’

At this point I was getting distracted.. Lord do you really hurt that much when we spend time in the world? Here I was thinking of someone whose spouse is cheating on them and how terribly hurt they feel.

‘Yes My love, I cannot bear the pain of being neglected again by those who have accepted My love. It brings up all the neglects, all the pain, all the abandonment, all the indifference of men.’

Lord that means that it is an excruciating pain, whereas many of us think of it as something minor. Please Lord give me the understand and knowing of this deep within My heart. Help me Lord not to hurt You like this.

Lord I have no confidence in my self any more. I really don’t… Help me please.

‘Don’t focus on the enemy dear, or your own weaknesses, focus on Me. My Spirit will lead you. Just focus on the teachings to love, never to speak evil, always to pray and support those that come to you. I will be with you.’

‘I am also using this situation you are in right now in your relationship for the world. I am receiving any and all offerings from my children to hold back evil. Please be faithful and offer your hurts and worries in thanksgiving. I am making something wonderful for you all. And you are all contributing to the works I am doing.’

Lord I will trust You. Who else do I have but You.

‘I know your fears, your shortcomings, your struggles. I have seen them, and have plans to overcome those. Will you trust and follow Me?’

Yes Lord, thank you.

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