Standing on the Word and His supernatural Love

Standing on the Word and His supernatural Love

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Oh sweet Jesus, lover of my soul. How wonderful is Your presence and love indeed.

I had been seeking a word from the Lord, as I had such a dry feeling. I clicked on the Receive a Random Message button on the Heartdwellers page, and was lead to:

Minister To Me My Tender Bride, July 4th, 2015


As I was reading it, I decided to commit this time to worshipping and adoring Jesus. To keep Him company and to let His love. Just to look in His eyes and behold His beauty, to surrender my all to Him and His love. To comfort His aching and longing heart. For that I went to the painting Clare had made and just stared at and pondered the sight of His eyes. At some points I could feel His emotions of gratefulness, love, desire and passion for me and all other souls radiating from His eyes.

After a long while just being in that place of adoration, I could feel He wanted to talk to me. Lord, here I am Jesus.

“Oh how wonderful is your innocent and longing gaze in my eyes. It sets My heart in flames to be able to spend such a time with the one whom I love. (this is by the way meant for all of His brides). “

“Quickly passing it on to others aren’t we? (He said that Jokingly). I want you to understand and receive it too. I love you! There is no one in all creation that can take your place in My heart. This is a fact Shahin. YOU, are special to Me. I love each and every one, the crowns of creation, those made in Our image.”

“I am sorry you went through that today at church. But it is good to see what happens that causes divisions in My body, so you will be prepared.”

Yea, today I thought to help out in setting things up for prayer ministry but it was not well received and I tried to apologise for offending the person. Later I found out that the person was going through some very rough times, so I could understand the response.

Oh Lord, it pains me to know that such things cause divisions in Your body. There is just absolutely no immediate thing happening, but it is feelings piled up… I could see people’s responses from childhood and un-dealt situations being the cause of unnecessary divisions.

“It is also demonically provoked. The enemy knows all your weaknesses, all your hurts from the past, all your buttons. That is why it is important to remain in charity. That way you can dodge all their arrows, and allow My Spirit to guide you in discerning the cause.”

“Do not fear for your relationship. I have it under control. I have given My angels the charge over you both. You will not stumble, you will flourish. You will expand, and grow in intimacy, in knowledge of each other, in knowledge of My love. That which I have spoken of, I will do. That which I have purposed will come to pass. Have I promised and will I not carry it out? Do I cause the woman to be with child, and will I not cause the child to be delivered? I have spoken it, and I will do it. Stand on this promise. I am not man that I should lie, nor the son of man that I should repent. This is to My glory. My people and all of men shall know that I am the Lord. That which I speak, that which goes forth from My mouth, will not return to me void. The green grass field is coming in your relationship. The fruits full of trees are close. Your destiny is at the door, knocking on both your hearts and minds, reminding you of the purpose I had in mind for you both. Trust Me My child. Trust Me.”

I had the impression that the Father was speaking to me about this. I could sense the seriousness and power in His voice. Nonetheless, the doubtful thomas that I am.. I asked for a confirmation whether this was truly Him. (I know, I am terrible in this haha)

I received a rhema card with Psalms 59 on it. It spoke about the enemy and how God is our refuge and shield. That we can only trust in the Lord alone for our defence.


I also went to the blog website that I had set up. There I received the following:



This really speaks of the same. Faith, Prayer, Help in Troubles. Wow. Lord You are good. Thank You for Your everlasting love.

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