Content In All Circumstances

Content In All Circumstances

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Still Small Voice Channel – Published on 04 September 2014

Nine months ago, I left you with the video “The Straight Jacket of Poverty.” As I was preparing this video, the Lord spoke to me that this video was for me as well. Little did I know that within a month or so, our barely sufficient income was going to be cut by 2/3. So we’ve had ample opportunity to live a very circumcised lifestyle. The Lord in His Great Kindness strengthened us for this time and increased so beautifully our relationship with Him. He miraculously provided things I never would have even asked Him for, just because He loves us and wanted us to know that He truly cares. There is something very liberating about living on Divine Providence and leaning on God alone. For one, the tendency to get attached to a certain income source (people or churches) and be tempted to compromise to keep that source, ceases to be an issue. When you’ve completely abandoned yourself to God and seen His hand move, when you’ve been willing to loose everything to do the right thing, you are strengthened for future battles. Self esteem has a tendency to plummet because you have to bargain with utility companies, and can’t pay for your own coffee at MacDonald’s. Very humbling, and humbling is GOOD, it prepares us for greater graces. Our worth is in the Lord’s shed blood, nothing could be more precious than that, and learning that through experience is a very liberating thing. So I share some of the things we went through in adjusting to this change in hopes that you too will be strengthened as our economy continues on a downward cycle. God is allowing this in America because He wants His Bride’s Heart back, and totally taken up with Him. Not shopping mauls and internet browsing, and when you don’t have discretionary funds, there’s simply no attraction to looking for what you can’t have anyway. He’s coming for His Bride very soon, and I believe this is one of His last ditch efforts to turn Her back to Him.


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