Honoring your Husband

Honoring your Husband

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Still Small Voice Channel – Published on 20 October 2014


The Lord has a pressing message on His heart about fulfillment in our marriages, and discernment in our relationship with Him.

In Heaven Talk, we discuss what we’ve gone through to get to a point where we have mutual respect and can work together in ministry, both fully alive, committed to our own work as well as one another’s calling.

Many marriages that began equally yoked are not any longer because one of the partners has grown lukewarm. Jesus wants to change that, He’s committed to changing it in the time left to us before the Rapture.

Ezekiel and I discuss candidly the issue of mutual respect of one another’s spirituality and relationship with Jesus, and some of the very painful lessons we have endured to that end.

We believe He has succeeded and we are partners in ministry, on equal footing, it wasn’t always that way. Our first ten years were a kind of crucifixion. But because we knew it was God’s will that we be together, we toughed it out. So we have much to share with you who are still in that crucible.

Many of you have longed for this equal yoke, but have suffered crushing disappointment. The Lord is going to give us some new approaches to help Him bring about a change of heart and deeper holiness in our marriages.

This video is followed by a short segment on discerning of spirits and the techniques the enemy uses to deceive us in our communications with the Lord, and why He allows it.

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