My Presence in Your Marriage, Jesus Speaks on Marriage

My Presence in Your Marriage, Jesus Speaks on Marriage

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Still Small Voice Channel – Published on 28 May 2015


The Lord stresses the need for us to be His presence to one another in marriage, that He heals through the love of husband and wife, and taking the time to keep a relationship healthy and balanced.

Dear Family,

We now have a blog just for you to post your experiences and read about others who are coming into intimate relationship with Jesus. We’d love to hear about Him touching you at prayer time, or visions you have had with Him, going to Heaven, etc.

So many praise reports are coming in through e-mails and messages that we are encouraged to share them with you and all of us who may still be struggling to have that special relationship with Him as our Groom.

So please keep an eye on this blog, I’m just getting started with it so it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles yet, but I’d love for you all to post any supernatural experiences you’ve had with Him.

Love you all so very dearly…you are such a consolation to Ezekiel and I.



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