Tears in prayer, Rubies for God 

Tears in prayer, Rubies for God 

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As the instrumental song was playing, I could see myself walking between trees to behold an open gras field with a house. The lush green grass and the trees were moving at the wind, with some red and yellow leaves between the green fresh leaves of the trees. The sight was beautiful, and I was looking for Jesus.


He suddenly came from behind, putting his hands on my eyes as he embraced me. As I gladly reached for His hands and mine touched his, I could feel the wounds in His hands, the remembrance of His love for us. We stayed like that for a good moment, contemplating the victory, the closeness, the unity of the hearts in worship and pure adoration. We were gazing at the scene in each others arms. We were just enjoying it.

Later I turned to see His face, and I was sharing my heart with Him with tears. I could really feel a burden in my heart for the satanists. Those who think they are following good, and doing good.. but are deceived and mislead by lies. As He listened to my cries for mercy, He began to shed tears also.

His heart really goes out to them, I really hope and pray He gets all of them out of there.

In a later time, I could see myself sitting while the worship songs were playing, and the tears that came from my eyes rolled down my cheeks and became red shining rubies in my hands. The pace of tears (and rubies) started to increase and all around me were these small red shining rubies. I saw angels in the form of light spheres coming and picking them up, to bring them to God. This reminded me of the tears that were stored in vessels by God. Now you don’t always need to cry in prayer or shed tears, but every kind of prayer has it’s meaning, and place. I believe they are all important, not making distinction between the value of any. Just like we all in Jesus are of the same value, so are our prayers.

A few days later I was thinking and worrying under the shower, asking Lord how can these things get solved… then I turned and on the ground I saw a perfectly shaped heart from the foam of the shower gel. It did not move one bit by all the waters until i had gazed at it for almost half a minute. It is these small things that remind us of His love and faithfulness. He is worth your every thought, your every praise, your every trust, your every investment of time, money, resources, love, devotion, engagement. He is the Lover of your soul.

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