The Mystery of Love

The Mystery of Love

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This video has a long story. I shared with you all how the Lord touched and changed my heart to play the piano.One day as I was trying to play some keys, I was reminded of what Clare from Still Small Voice told me to do.

‘play like a little child with the Holy Spirit. Press keys, if it sounds good, keep it, if not, drop it. Buil and weave with Him’

At least, something like that haha. One day I sat and suddenly played something interesting. It was a very simple pattern and I kept experimenting with it. I also had just learned that I could record it with a laptop. Then I just sat down and played the rithm, up and down the piano, repeating it one after the other.

While I was playing with the sound that I recorded, my little brother (i believe throught the Holy Spirit) said: “How would it sound if you played it on different instrument outputs, at the same time?”

That caught my attention. It really turned to be a blast of a song. Each time I listen to it, it reaches my heart.


Last saturday (5th august 2017) I was so caught up with making a video accompanying it. At first I had no clue what to put where, and how to theme the video. So I just used pictures that I have used for the posts that I put up this website. And some how it was flourishing as I was working on it. It really came alive, I am sure I had the Holy Spirit moved my fingers. I hope that Holy Spirit can minister to you through this video. All glory and Honour to Him and Him alone! Jesus You are amazing!

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