The shattered chains of opression

The shattered chains of opression

It was a while that I was feeling a distance building up between me and the Lord. I knew I was just being too occupied and all. I tried to wake up early and pray but sometimes I would just fall back asleep, or i would feel drowsy. And today was such a day, I had slept for the whole hour instead of being in prayer.

While on the laptop, I knew that I had so many things to do, but also a urge to pray was up. At one point I decided to just let everything drop to the floor and engage in prayer.

I was about to start the binding prayer and allowing and asking the Holy Spirit to come and examine my heart, this time I chose to put up an instrumental soaking music I often see on youtube. So after starting my mind would just go all directions. And at a certain point I said NO, I am dropping all these burdens to the floor right now. So I could see myself pulling some huge and heavy weight from my shoulders and letting it fall to the ground, with other stuff. And I was walking towards a huge cathedra. I opened the massive door and walked in to see a huge empty church room, kind off dark with little light coming from the glass windows. I could see all kinds of beasts and demons around looking at me.

Then I said: Jesus I trust in you and at that moment the whole space was bright white. I went to the front and kneeled down in repentance. saying: Lord have mercy on me, I have been avoiding you all these times and I don’t know why. I have done this, I have done that. I could also see myself grabbing hold of the garment of Jesus. While I was talking and confessing, immediately Jesus lifted my chin up with His fingers and looked me in the eyes (I was seeing this in 3rd person view) He said: I don’t condemn you, you are my bride. He lifted me up and embraced me, and showed me His pierced hands and said: This I have done to be with you. So I will never leave you. My scars remind Me of My love and devotion to you.

I was crying, in the spirit and in the body. He said: I see no stain on you my child (just as in the song of Kari Jobe – My Beloved). It was a powerful moment of restoration. And around us, outside the glory and light of the Lord were the demons staring and looking. But when the Lord opened His eyes they started to flee like mad men. Yet there were chains thrown at them and chained them all up, one by one. The angels from heaven were getting them chained and removed. I had by now turned into a little toddler. The Lord also cleansed my heart of any and all evil seeds.

Man this was so powerful and beautiful. The Lord is good! I always find that out when I am running away for some reason.

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