The storm and our cross

The storm and our cross

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I want to share a dream I had with all of you. Me and my wife were about to take a journey to the mountain. While we were starting to move, the clouds were thick and orange colored. We knew something was up, and soon a sandstorm started to form. We could see just below the edge of the cliff that a small village was hit by the sandstorm, and my wife told me that we should pray for them.

So I prayed to God our Father, and while I was praying I realised the sandstorm ‘came’ to us as well. But I didn’t stop and kept praying to Daddy our Father, and it was becoming less and less.

You see when we pray for other people’s problems, the problem sometimes comes to us. Don’t back out, don’t be fearful. God is allowing you to carry your cross for that person or family. And if you endure under the situations, God will reward your stedfastness and perseverance. He will deliver the person/family, and you, and will richly reward you ?

God is our refuge, whom shall we fear?

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