The Victory of the Cross in Court Room

The Victory of the Cross in Court Room

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In the night i woke up (around 3 am) and listened to the video just put up by still small voice, saying that chains ar being broken, the swamp is being drained. So that victory was coming!


Then I felt to pray the divine mercy chaplet, but adding court room character to it. I was confessing the blood of Jesus, His testimony, His life. I was asking God to bring all those whom He thinks should be here. It was about the USA, NL and Iran, and the nations of the world. And asked that God would bring all powers that were to be present here as well. I was asking God for books to be opened, books to be returned to whom they were due, for God to consider the destinies of the nations and the people in them, for restoration of power and authority to whom it was due, to restore wealth and destinies to whom they were due. Restitution and restoration of the nations, resetting the timing of God’s purposes over the nations. That God would judge the nations under the blood of Jesus, for the verdict to include God’s purposes and plans and the finished works of the cross, and answering of the accusations based on the testimony of the Blood.


I couldn’t see anything, I was just following the prayer and the spirit. At the end I could see God as Judge write the following:

The disarment of principalities and powers, the empowerment of the ecclesia, as purchased by the blood of Jesus Christ.

I asked God to give this verdict to whom it was due, to his prophets and apostles and pastors.

As I was typing this, I asked the Holy Spirit for a confirmation, and I got an image with Psalm 24 on it. I was amazed, it was what I was confessing in the court.

‘The earth and the fullness thereof are yours’

And it talks about who shall ascend in the hill of the Lord, who shall stand in His holy place.

I believe God is going to do mighty things through His people. The empowerment of the ecclesia!

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