Walls Broken Down and Graces flowing from the Heart of God

Walls Broken Down and Graces flowing from the Heart of God

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I wanted to share with you all what the Lord has done to me. I really enjoy worship and many of the instruments. Mostly all my life I have said and believed that I have no sense of rithm, that I can’t play anything other than a computer keyboard, even to the point of being ‘afraid’ of the Lord calling me to play instruments.

A fee weeks ago on an evening I was telling a friend that I love worship and can’t play anything, haven’t played anything. Then my friend gently said ‘but you can learn it’ …

And I thought …. ‘yeeaaa…..’

On my way driving back I put up a song from Kari Jobe ‘speak to me’. As I was driving down the highway.. the way I was passing the lights and the music were resounding in my inner being. I had a moment of total awe. It was so beautiful, and it made such an impression in me. I’m getting goose bumps as I type this. I had the impression that the Lord was iniviting me to play the piano.

I have never played anything, don’t know how to read notes and all.. but it was as if it all had changed. I can only imagine a deep sense of ‘I want to play the piano’ in me.

Yes it is a challenge, Yes it is outside any comfort zone, and yesss what I feared the Lord would do… but men! I don’t even care anymore. There is a new hunger in me.. and it is exactly this feeing that I know it is Jesus.

I would say: receive your hunger as He gave it to me, even more abundantly. May He bless you richly in going out in new adventures to make and create, for and with Him.

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