You are my Beloved

You are my Beloved

I felt strongly that the Lord wanted to speak with me. I was struggling to open the bible promises or sit down and type. I chose to type. Lord here I am, please speak with me.

I speak to you all the time, but you are not listening to Me all the time.

I admit Lord I am being distracted by so many things of this world.

That is one of your weaknesses my dear, and we need to deal with that. I can’t promote you higher with more graces until you make me your first priority always. But I can see your improvements and your efforts. I adore your every effort to come closer to Me, to be My own, to be My spouse who is distracted by thoughts of Me out of her love for Me.

Lord I am still in such a work-in-progress status.

You all are My dear. No one is perfect until they are united with Me in heaven. I called you here to take a few burdens off of you. You see, you are getting to a point of: work hard, earn more. But that is not how it is with Me. My kingdom is about: love hard, and earn more. You are doing a good job, you are increasing in love, knowledge, and discernment. But you got a way to go still. Your enemy is cunning, they want to sattle you up with so many things so you can get to a point that you will start blaming, be resentful, judge, cast slurs. Then they come right in and cause great destruction to the beautiful garden in your heart which is our special place.

At this point I was getting proud again, “how easy I can type this message”. And I said Lord it is only when You want to speak to me that things flow so easily.
Lord forgive me for this feeling of pride, deliver me please from it. I don’t want it. It is hurting You.

That is a desire I will fulfill if you are willing to work with me. Pride is a nasty thing to have. It is a huge stain on your wedding gown. By killing your flesh it will weaken. So starving your fleshy nature is your best shot.

Lord I am willing to be made willing.

You chose for the good thing. Trust on Me, I will bring situations up on your path that will test you in that area. Listen to the Spirit, don’t force your own opinion, your own state of being ‘right’, just remain in the littleness that I have called you in. If people don’t take your advice, let it over to Me. If they don’t understand your wisdom, leave it to Me. If they misunderstand you, scold you, despitefully use you, persecute you.. leave it to Me, I will repay. Pray for mercy for them, forgive them, and bless them. So shall you be a child of your Father in Heaven, and My beloved spouse, who represents Me on the earth.

I love you, I will make ways for you. It is My desire to see you fulfilled, and find joy in what you are doing. Trust Me, I am working for you.

Lord you are indeed trustworthy, I love you Lord. Don’t ever take your presence and Spirit from me. Help me to come to you more speadily, more often, with much more perseverance.

That is My desire, to catch a glimpse of your smile each time you look at Me. You ARE my beloved



After putting this message up I kept hearing the ‘My Beloved’ song from Kari Jobe. So I will put that up here as well for you to listen to. It is a beautiful song that really speaks the Heart of the Lord to us all.


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