You Refresh My Heart Lord

You Refresh My Heart Lord

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Today in the Service I had a beautiful time with the Lord. Multiple instances we were walking or sitting together.

There was a moment I was holding his hands and just looking at them, gazing at his fingers and thinking: the God who chose to make the heavens, used his fingers to place the stars, with His mighty arms stretched the sand and the sea… those same fingers i am now looking at, holding them… and these same hands were pierced out of Love for me (all)

After kissing his hands He held my face in his hands and stared lovingly in my eyes. It was a moment of appreciation for both of us, I still cannot understand what the Lord would see in me that He would desire, it is a great mystery to me. He put his forehead against mine as the worship songs were playing.


What stood out the most was the time we spent sitting near a brook of a quite and peaceful little forest. I could see myself resting in His arms with my head on the left side of His chest. I could notice his heart beat, and mine. They were perfectly in sync. In fact, the resonance of His heartbeat was ‘activating’ my heart as well. It was a beautiful moment of unity.

I was pondering on His heart.. The same heart from where all life comes from, I am now hearing its beatings. And even more so.. that same heart that pumped all it had out until water came out .. for my sake, for my sins. Just because He could have me (Us all), knowing full well that some might not accept His love. What love is this.. That You gave your self for me.


You will feel very special because of these moments. So i want to encourage you all. THIS is YOU. HE loves and longs for you, beyond imagination. Ask and you will be suprised, Jesus the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.

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