Your Presence is Peace to Me

Your Presence is Peace to Me

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Yesterday night I wanted to remain in the presence of the Lord. Nothing more, just sitting in His presence. I set up the new album of Kari Jobe on shuffle (here is the youtube link), asking Holy Spirit to choose the songs. As I was sitting on my bed, I moved my pillow so there was room for two. I could see the Holy Spirit sitting next to me. We were leaning on each other and looking forward, like as a scene of sunset. The Holy Spirit looked to me like a copy of myself, but all white and radiant. I could only see a sillouhete-like shape of Him covered and filled with light. Other than that He had the same height as I have. It was just a moment of perfect bonding, with the one that perfectly fits in our spirits, or I should say: we perfectly fit in Him.

As the songs were playing I noticed that the Lord came up behind us (on my left). He was standing behind me, His arm on my left shoulder. Soon after I could see the Father standing on the right side of Jesus behind the Holy spirit (in 3rd person view from behind us). In a sense I knew it was the Father, because He was taller than the Lord. We were all just enjoying that sweet moment of unity. No words were said, the unity of the Spirit was clearly felt. It is so fascinating to me to know that the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit all desire our company so much more than we do theirs. The more we spend time with Them, the more we will be conformed to their image, tender, loving, gentle, merciful.

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